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Sweet Corn Lady and Daughters

The Sweet Corn Lady has been selling produce in the Delavan, Wisconsin area since 1957. It all started with selling sweet corn off the back of a truck in downtown Delavan many, many years ago. She moved her location to the Delavan Inlet area in the early 1970s and has been there ever since. In the 1980s, she added a second location with a truck selling produce on the courthouse square in Elkhorn, Wisconsin.

The Sweet Corn Lady stand has been a destination for thousands of people over the years and we’ve seen kids come with their parents, grow up, get married and bring their own kids for the experience. The Sweet Corn Lady herself has raised 4 daughters and 6 grandkids on the stand.

We truly are a timeless destination.

Sweet Corn Lady and Daughters Sweet Corn Lady and Daughters Sweet Corn Lady